Software Quality Assurance Services

We have vast experience in software quality assurance stream. We have tested UI Interface, Command line interface, API Interface. We have deep understanding about different types of testing including Sanity Testing, Functionality Testing, Performance Testing, Security Testing, Regression Testing.

Our Team is expert in Test Automation and CI/CD pipelines. We strongly believe that automating test cases is must and saves lot of engineering resources and time.

Our Expertise

Manual Testing

Debug test failures and log defects in system Work with development team to resolve the issue as soon as possible Design Test Strategy for the application Write efficient test plans and test cases Sanity Test, UAT, Functionality Testing Rest API Testing Database Testing User Interface Testing Regression Testing Experience with Jira, Bugzilla,Redmine Experience with Zephyr Enterprise, TestRail, Testlink, TestGear and Tuskr

Performance Testing and Benchmarking

Performance benchmarking Load and stress testing Writing custom scripts in Shell, Python to generate large load and traffic for product under test Testing scalability of the product on cloud as input traffic goes up and down Experience on LoadNinja, Apache Jemeter, WebLoad, LoadView, NeoLoad, Load Runner

Security Testing

Security Testing, Vulnerability scans, Open ports check Expertise in security scanning tools: Nessus, Owasp Zap, Nmap Finding - Open ports, extra file permissions, privileged access, defunct users Product hardening Top 10 security vulnerabilities scanning Improving product security health index Working with the Dev and DevOps team to add security fixes in the code.

Test Automation

Automated test scenarios, test executions, assertions Test Automation - Selenium Webdriver in Java, Pytest, Junit, Python Implement automation custom frameworks Implement custom features like test suite execution, logging, monitoring CI/CD tool integration Nightly automated test execution Debug test failures and log defects in system Work with development team to resolve the issue as soon as possible Jira, testlink tools integration

Our Approach

  • Explore product Architecture and Features Here, our Team explores product features, architecture, components involved and user facing interfaces.

  • Design Test Strategy Here, Our Team designs test strategy for the given product. Finalize types of testing needed, performance, security , Functionality Testing, Tools needed to test these interfaces etc.

  • Create Detailed Test Plans and Define Test Cases Here, Our Team, creates test plans and define detailed test cases. Add these test cases into a testcase management system.

  • Execute Test Cases and Record Results Here, We deploy the product, execute all test cases, record results in test management system.

  • Log Bugs/Issues in Bug Tracking System While executing test cases, whatever issues we find, we log it in a bug tracking system like Jira.

  • Work with Development Team to Get Bugs Resolved Logging issues is no sufficient. Our QA Team helps development team in understanding the issue and it's impact.

  • Automate Test Cases In this phase, we select right technologies to automate test cases. Automate all test cases defined for the product.

  • Setup CI/CD and Automated Test Execution In this phase, we setup a good CI/CD tool like jenkins and integrate automation test case execution steps in it. This CI/CD pipelines will regularly execute the test cases and will send report o the team.

Our Technology Expertise

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